When Someone Takes Their Anger Out On You

At times, we may endure feelings of anger and frustration in our personal lives, but to take it out on others is unfair to both parties. Understanding that everyone may get upset at times, how do you respond when you are being scolded for not really doing anything? The other person clearly isn’t truly upset at you, as you haven’t done anything wrong, but they make you feel like you’re the reason for all their troubles and you don’t exactly know how to react. Remember one thing: do not throw fire on fire, for fighting back is not an act of a gracious individual and it simply won’t solve anything. ‘The only thing that can bring light to darkness, is light itself.’ (source)

When Someone Takes Their Anger Out On You

Think about where this person is in their life when they are consumed by this anger. These negative emotions cloud their judgment, altering their way of thinking, acting and treating you. In this moment of anger, many struggle to see anything outside of this feeling, even though there may be so much positive light around us. So when a person is in a paroxysm of darkness and are taking their anger on you, take responsibility (as difficult as it may be) to bring them back to the light they so obviously and desperately need.

We may be tempted to respond to this said anger by becoming defensive, letting their anger cloud space in your mind that you become just as angry. Do not let their words or negativity bring you down, especially when you know you are not the reason for their poor attitude. Don’t sweat the small stuff, after all it is small stuff. As innocent bystanders, we must learn how to respond when someone sends us an accusatory text message or a rude remark. Put your emotions and pride away and help them realize what they are doing. Do not help them continue to spiral down and bring you with them. The moment you are able to put your frustration aside and remember not to blame yourself for someone else’s own struggles, you will better be able to respond in a positive way.

When people scream and yell I tend to respect them less. When I am upset, I try to keep the intensity of my tone and voice even and normal. I think it’s more impressive to remain calm when you are upset rather than losing control and using your outside voice or making snide remarks that are degrading to the other person. Don’t take your emotions out on others, plain and simple.

The people who take their anger out on you are the ones who you need to go a little further to help them see the lust of life. These are the people who you should smile to, for they need it the most. If you remain calm, be in a state where you have control and have a smile on your face, you will be able to handle the situation much better and possibly even make the other person realize how silly they are being. If you stay happy, not letting them get to you, your positivity will radiate. Start sending your love to others, for it’s the only way to receive love back. Let your light shine on them and brighten up their darkness they are so helplessly drowning in.