Today we are doing a Extremely Brutal Would You Rather. Looks like I was joking as your, I have you guys to tweet me some crazy hard would you rather questions. Let’s get started with The Hardest Would You Rather Questions on The Internet. A lot of you guys asked me what these knives are all about in the background you know I would tell you but I don’t want to scare you. Just kidding, I just really like knives and Garrett got them for me. Your heavy breather a stroke a I’ve had to put my phone up here.

would you rather


#1. Would you rather it’s coming from new kid and he said would you rather cheat on Garrett or be ugly and lose all your stuff?

First of all there is a huge reason why have these subs in the first place because he helped me start my YouTube channel and I would never cheat on him that’s just messed up I’d rather be ugly this is all my stuff. I sure would you do that would you want to be ugly and enjoy yourself so you want to lose your Instagram followers.


#2. Would you rather drink pee or eat a spider alive?

A big one. They are one of my biggest fears. I remember when I was younger, I used to be so scared of spiders. I could, I couldn’t even deal I can’t, I can’t, I would just bottle that pee and drink it and take it who we want to eat a spider. Be all crunchy.


#3. Would you rather don’t scare it for a million dollars or date Josh for a dollar?

Is that what you think josh is worth the dollar. anything Gary is worth a million dollars. I might allow the spotless character like say my breakup with did we get a million dollars and we can just get back together. But I don’t know if it works like that I wouldn’t want to say Josh for a dollar.


#4. Would you rather dump garret for John or push Garrett into the pool?

I would put Garrett in the pool what the heck is wrong with you guys let’s Garrett’s best friend.


#5. Would you rather eat dog food or jump into the pool fully clothed?

I don’t want to jump in our pool because it’s broken or also I would have done that, I would never eat dog food.


#6. Would you rather have pick up the rest of your life or always feel I guess this means but not be able to?

Honestly hiccups losing most annoying thing in the world. I always get hiccup and I hate them so much. So, I’d obviously rather sneeze and not have to even though I look so stupid all the time and then just people just look at you and be like what’s wrong with you.


#7. Would you rather hug me for five minutes or have twenty spiders crawling on you?

So, this is 20 spiders I can’t even deal with one spider. I would rather hug a snake like come here.  I don’t want to hug, actually snakes are not scary. To be honest I would definitely hug a snake but is it a dangerous snake.


#8. Would You rather kill yourself and save the world or let everybody die?

I would rather kill myself. Why would I want to be alone in the world. I’d rather be the hero people can like write a book about me or something.


#9. Would you rather know how you died or when you die?

That’s kind of ethical both ways because if you know when you die like, okay have this long to do whatever I want and I’m going to die strong. Knowing how you die kind of do stuff to prevent it if you don’t want to die. You know so maybe I would want to know when I die because everybody else says how.


#10. Would you rather eat a live toad or a live rat?

That is so gross it will like the texture of the the toad would be so disgusting like I said I’d be so slimy. I really like oysters because of that reason because the texture just creepy to me and a rat can you like shave it like kind of what Shrestha and he roasted on a fire. But I could cook the rat or something I’d probably eat the rest.




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